Indonesia Travel Destination

The development of the Wonderful Indonesia logo into the funcional typeface was redesigned to optimize the original logo and retain consistent yet authentic as it's form. The project led by Danton Sihombing, Sakti Makki, and Gumpita Rahayu in 2016.

This custom font designed as logotype for identity of some branding destinations in Indonesia to find suitable solutions to design a logotype that fits in every keyword or slogan of each destination city. Led by Makki-Makki Branding Consultant, Inkara Brand Consulting etc, for certain cities in Indonesia including Bali, Medan, and Makassar.

Anatomy of certain letters is adjusted as the basic key of the development of this font, and the structure of the letters arranged to match x-height from Clarendon as the basic form guidance, we redesigned from the beginning until the characters look authentic as the original. 




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