Seek A Seek Graphic Design Festival

For those of you who have not had time to stop by The Smart Dialogue: Seek A seek graphic design festival. Let check below, there’s a lot of pict! Seek – A Seek, an exhibition held by Dialogue Artspace, in collaboration with ADGI, DGI and BEKRAF, the biggest graphic design exhibition in Indonesia after 10 years. The exhibition was able take up 10.000 visitors whether from professionals, government and students, not only graphic designer who attended the event, other industries are also very much enjoyed, such as from the architects, fashion designers to celebrity.

Seek-A-Seek offers a different format of graphic design exhibition. Instead of competing graphic designers to appear ‘better’ than the other, Seek-A-Seek places graphic products as a collective work to expose the appearance of Indonesian graphic design. Each works merged with the other creators’ in numbers of categories, such as: editorial, multimedia, branding, typography, environmental design, and assorted applications in various media. Integrated throughout the exhibition space are pharmaceutical boxes, book and catalogs, installations, various typefaces, way findings, from cracker to instant noodle packagings.

The exhibition invites the public to encounter works that are not just artistic, but also contain functional values in various contextual challenges—which were attempted to be answered by each work. “Seek-A-Seek” hopes to abridge public appreciation toward graphic designers, and vice versa. Even though that this industry sprouted from the 1980s, graphic design in Indonesia is still a misunderstood field resulting in under-appreciation, including scarce support for initiatives by local graphic design communities and activists.


Image courtesy Grafis Masa Kini