End User License Agreement

This Agreement regulate the terms of use of the Fonts and usage of the Fonts Software that may be associated between the Licensee and Toko Type for now or in the future. We recommend that the Licensee of this End User License Agreement print this agreement for further reference.

By downloading and/or installing Font Software offered by Toko Type, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of this End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). If You do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not download, install, or use the Font Software.

1. Definitions

Fonts Software Fonts Software or (Font, Typeface) technically a software file component provided by Toko Type for use on computer devices and web servers to generate typographic design assets and used by end users. Font Software Includes updates, related files, permitted copies, and related documentation.

Toko Type Foundry — Toko Type is the main supplier and original designer of Font Software and as the exclusive owner of the Font Software and related documents as offered on toko-type.com sites. All intellectual property of Font Software belongs to Gumpita Rahayu / Toko Type.

Licensee  — Licensee is individual, company, or other organization who purchases and use a Fonts Software in one devices as subject on this license agreement, other licensee must belong in the same company or household.

2. Ownership

You agree that the Font Softwares and it's copyright are owned by Toko Type as exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights. You do not acquire ownership of Font Software in any conditions under this Agreement, but you grant to use the font Software license as specified in this agreement.

3. Grant of License

3.1. Number of Users

Toko Type grants the Licensee a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for your personal or commercial use based on this terms of Agreement. The maximum number of End Users of this Fonts Sofware depends on the amount stated on the receipt after purchasing Font Software.

3.2 Installing

Licensee may install the files from Fonts Software on computer devices (CPUs), and in single website servers to use them for digital purposes. In accordance with the maximum number of End Users as described in section (2a). Font Software may not be installed on servers or computer devices that do not belong to licensee. Transferring licenses and Sublicensing are strictly prohibited to third parties except those described in this license agreement.

3.3 Third Party

You may grant licensed Fonts Software to service bureaus (e.g printer services, web developer, contractor, etc.) only if they work specifically with you if they agree to use the Fonts Software for your work and agree to the terms of this license. The Licensee may not sell, lease, sublicense, lend, give, or distribute the Font Software or make the Font Software accessible to other third parties.

3.4 Copying

You may copying the Font Software only if you have paid a license based on the Number of Users listed on the receipt, you must ensure that the maximum number of users get a copy of the Font Software and other complementary documents for each different computer devices or websites must be the same as the original.

3.5 Back up

You may make back-up a copies of Font Software as long the Licensee hold the rights and control over such copies. Any unauthorized copies s Each back-up copy of Font Software must contain the license documents and other proprietary information must be the same as the original.

3.6 Modification

You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or attempt to discover the source code of the Font Software except as provided in this license. And you do not have any right to change the Font Software to a different format other than that provided by Toko Type.

4. Authorized Use

Fonts can be simultaneously used by the Number of Users specified in the purchase receipt. You must ensure that the maximum number of users get a copy of the Font Software and other complementary documents for each different computer devices or websites must be the same as the original.

4.1 Dekstop

You may use desktop font for create graphics that displayed on a computer screen for create graphical images, products, printed materials, paper documents for yourself and your client behalf, as long as they are static and not editable.

4.2 Web

You may use Webfonts to embedded and installed on you web server and use the Webfonts by using self-hosting @font-face method by using the files of webfont formats and CSS code files that we provide. Our webfont licenses are limited by number of users / website only, this means there is no bandwidth restriction, geographical limitations and you have unlimited page views for your website.

5. Termination

This agreement is valid until terminated by Toko Type. If you fail to comply with the terms of this license, Toko Type may terminate this agreement with notice within 30 days. After it expires, you must destroy the digital material of Font Software and all copies that have been used entirely.

6. Warranty

Toko Type guaranted the Fonts Software to meets the standard of operating system (Windows XP, Win 7 and above / MacOS X and above) and free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of delivery as indicated on the purchase receipt.

Toko Type provides no warranty and not responsible for replacing Fonts Software or returning the purchase price if the result of failure from accident, misuse or improper use, or if any document of Font Software is lost or damaged, fire, or negligence of the Licensee.

7. Governing Law

This agreement will be governed by the laws of Indonesia.