Purchasing Fonts

You can purchace any typefaces that suits your projects by selecting the Fonts page, and you can test it first on that page, whether if it’s fit the weights and styles option on top of the panel and you also can change how the fonts look into another premade background, testing OpenType Features and much more.
After that, you can purchase the fonts by selecting 'Add to Cart' button on the right side of the page, either way you can purchase a complete family of the fonts, or a single weight.

After you finish selecting the fonts, you can checkout by simply click on the "Cart" button on top. You can review your cart and select the Number of User on checkout page, after you done you can securely proceed to payment and adding your billing address or fonts license owner.

After the payment completed, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download the fonts from your order.
Or you can check the order status on your email that we send, there you can review your order and download the fonts and ready to install.

No you can't. Our license suited based on number of users only, If you plan to purchase the license for your graphic designer or clients then make sure you choose the right number of user as you need.
In a nutshell, every End user who use the font files, require a license of their own.

When the payment of your order completed, we send a order detail status email including with a PDF invoice link, you can download your invoice on your email.
Or if you have an account, login into your account and you can request your invoice again, we will send you another invoice of your order.

Full payment process go through PayPal, we don’t see, collect, or store your credit card and personal information to any party, Paypal accept credit card and no account created required. Our checkout page hosted by Shopify Checkout, there you can pay and review your order on our site.

We also accept Bank Transfer if you're based in Indonesia or other countries, this process may take more time before file delivered to your email as it is manually managed, the Font files will not be delivered until we receive payment confirmation from our bank. Please note, we only accept direct Bank Transfer only for purchase over $200 USD.
Contact us for ordering the license through direct Bank Transfer.

Promotional Program

Occasionally we do provide a discounts on several program by spreading the discount code, make sure you have an account or join our mailing list to Get early notice on offers and new releases.
And we do apply the discount on every complete family packages purchase, you can save 30% off from the total base single typeface price.

Student Discount

We offer a non-commercially for educational purpose only (Not to and reproduce and redistribute) license for Universities and Student. As support from us to be more contributed in education, you will receive up to 50% discount off for a single license and complete family license.
Please note, this program require a prove that you still a active student in the University and it is manually managed for payments. Contact us for more information.

Due to the digital nature of the fonts, we cannot offer refunds after the purchase is made. Although if there is a minor error with the fonts you ordered, let us know within 24 hours of purchase and we will trying to fix the situation.

Font Licensing

Fonts are technically is like a computer software, and just like any other software you are not supposed to install or use it without a license. This definition is primarily applies to each license that have a set of rules that are different on End User License Agreement (EULA).

A font license grants the owner the right to use a typeface in a specific usage as outlined in the EULA. By purchasing a font license from Toko Type , you are buying the license to use with all in one license including usage on Desktop and Web.

We offer Desktop and Web in one license, that means you will receive a Desktop and Webfont license for every typeface you bought and our license suited based on number of users only, there is no bandwidth restrictions and unlimited visitor for your website usage. All our Licenses are perpetual, you only pay once for every license you purchased, there is no reccuring payments even the subscriptions fee. And We do offer other license like for Apps and Broadcasting, if you interested to purchase this license please contact us for more information.

After you purchase the license of our typefaces, there is a chance we’ve updated the typefaces to extended version, including refining some shapes, the language support and OpenType Features, all the updates is free of charge, you will notified via email once the typeface updated.

You can use desktop font for logo, signage, products, graphical images, printed materials, paper documents (PDF, Word, Excel etc) for yourself and your client behalf, as long as they are static and not editable. Please note, this license is limited by “Number of Users,” usually the total number of people or license holder name using the font.

You can read the full License description here.

You can use Webfont to embedded and installed on you web server and use them by using CSS Code, for yourself and your developer behalf. We will providing the webfont formats and CSS code files. Our webfont licenses are limited by number of users / website only, this means there is no bandwidth restriction and you have unlimited page views for your website.

You can read the full License description here.

Yes we do offer trial fonts, it’s a great way to testing your projects on your own layout by using our typefaces. Before you decided to use the fonts for your project whether it’s personal or commercial project, you need to license them first.

Trial fonts include only basic alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase only, OpenType features and extended language support, kerning have been removed. Please note, currently Trial fonts availabe upon a request only, contact us for download what typeface do you want to try.

Technical Info

Desktop Fonts are available in OpenType PS (OTF). You can install for OSX (Mac) and Windows (PC). OpenType format contains font features and several language support that can be accessed and used in application such as Illustrator, InDesign, Keynote, Sketch, etc.
We offer TrueType file format by request, and optimized for use in Microsoft Office program, but all features from the fonts are limited unlike the OpenType (OTF) format.

Webfonts are self hosting and available in WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT files, which you can upload to your server and use on your website. You can upload the webfont files to your server and display it on your website by using @font-face rule in CSS.

Mac OSX:

Use FontBook Software (Default App on Mac). Select the fonts files you want to install and drag the fonts into your library or you can find Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts and copy the font files to the directory.

PC Windows:

Select all fonts you want to install and pop-up of the fonts file will show, click install and done. Or Go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts, then locate fonts file and click install.

We provide webfonts for self-hosted on your website, you can select the fonts you want to display on your website and upload the WebFonts file to your server and create fonts directory.
And use the @ font-face rule in CSS or you can use CSS code that we provide on font-style.css. If you still don't get it, please get in touch with your website developer.

You can find what the features on our typeface by testing them on single typeface page, or you can find out more detailed in downloadable PDF Specimen. Each typeface that use OpenType feature may vary.

You can Acces the OpenType features on Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, Keynote, etc. For example on Illustrator by selecting panel Window > Type > OpenType Features or simply click Glyphs panel too, from there you can see what kind of features of its typeface had.

On CSS the OpenType feature can be accesed by following the font-feature-settings rule followed by a list of features. However, browser prefixes are still required.


Creating an account is optional but it enables you to review your orders, and manage your fonts orders to download directly to your computer later.

You can check out as guest at the checkout page and you can choose weather you’d like to make an account or not. Having an account makes it easier to follow-up on any completed orders as well as making future orders more faster.

If you’ve forgotten your password just email us your email account that you use on Toko Type sites. We will reset it for you.

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